The Jean Rachel story

As a young girl growing up in South Africa, Jean Rachel dreamt of a world filled with texture, color, and vibrance . Not content with sitting behind a desk, Jean Rachel harnessed her innate sense of style and sophistication and morphed it into an opportunity. The Jean Rachel Collection is crafted by the fusion of memories, artisanship, and love.


Seeking to improve their financial conditions, Jean Rachel's family immigrated to Cape Town, South Africa, from Lithuania in 1927. Jean Rachel was born in 1929, the first girl after four brothers. 

From a young age, Jean Rachel’s flair for color and sophistication was evident. Through her family’s furniture business, Jean Rachel’s talents and ability to seek out artisans was quickly noticed, often using the showrooms as a space to showcase her findings. 

Jean Rachel's wanderlust took her across the globe, where she curated "objects d'art" from jugs to rugs and everything in between. With a passion for beauty and elegance, Jean Rachel collected and curated treasures of varying textures, sizes, and types from all corners of the world, filling her home with luster and color. 


In 1972, Jean Rachel emigrated to Jerusalem with her husband. Here she made it her mission to help new immigrants. Her warmth and engaging personality together with her open home policy supported and eased their transition.

Their only child, Elshi, a talented, creative and well-known jewelry artisan built the Jean Rachel Collection commemorating his mother's legacy.  With a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail, it is this legacy that created the Jean Rachel Collection. 

Curated and handcrafted, the sterling silver collection celebrates Jean Rachel's colorful life, with its whimsical flourishes, curved and sculpted edges. When you wear the Jean Rachel collection you are wearing timeless beauty.

Welcome to our collection.